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Welcome to the HTSI Web Library web site. The Web Library provides our customers with an internet-based location to securely and effectively store, categorize and provide easy access to information products. The Web Library's administrative functions provide customers with the ability to control access privileges by controlling level of access authority of on-line users to files, electronic documents, and collaboration groups. As an on-line document management system, the Web Library provides for version control, configuration management, and simultaneous access control.

    A primary target of this library is to support several knowledge management processes:
  1. Communications Vehicle
  2. Knowledge Capture
  3. Sharing of Lessons Learned
  4. Reuse of Knowledge
  5. Business Process Improvement Strategies
It supports our customers' ability to build upon, extend, and reuse information management and information technology solutions. The Web Library's collaborative environment encourages reuse and extends proven designs. It also supports the implementation of integration-based standards. Coupled with HTSI consulting services and proven leadership, policy and guidance abilities, the Web Library will be a powerful tool for helping the customer provide a high quality, integrated, consistent and mission essential information management system. By continuously building a community of interest, it will become standard practice for users to come to the Web Libraray for the latest focused reference information, documents, and reports. The WebLibrary will support all of the essential enterprise management functions such as performance metrics, compliance management, strategic planning, systems migration, etc.

HTSI will be continually evolving the Web Library. We would appreciate any feed back you provide on the look, feel, and function of this system.Feedback

Web Server Administrator
13232 Mary's Cove
New Braunfels, TX 78130
Phone: 210.545.2021

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