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Whole Product Planning:
As a service and an act of good faith to our customers, HTSI systematically addresses the components that are part of the total solution for achieving the desired outcome or solving a problem with information technology. We are then able to work with the customer to deliver all the components or the ones missing from the solution set. This value added approach assures that our customers have complete knowledge on how all the components of a solution work together, the requirements for each component, and what actions are required for achieving their expectations for the project.

It is built around an HMO's return on investment expectations from implementing a computerized patient record containing a automated provider note capability. How we address each component of this solution is contained in our document library under "HTSI Concept for the Computerized Patient Record". This document is availble upon request.

In the course of developing our total solution concept and installing components of the solution for customers, we developed some common need products that are required by most healthcare providers. They were developed to deliver information and knowledge required to profile and analyze the financial and clinical outcomes of healthcare providers. The below chart provides the name, descriptions, value proposition, the application users, and the data sources used for interfaces and/or data extractions for our product offerings.

NameDescriptionValue PropositionApplication UsersPossible Data Sources
HTSI ClickBill

Fact Sheet
Analysis of patient billing and
coding information.
Data Analysis for Coding Audit
l Increased revenue by identifying missed billing opportunities
l Increased revenue by analyzing insurance and diagnosis payment profiles
l Improved data quality
l Saves analysis and reporting time
l Identifies staff and specialties with coding deficiencies that impact revenue and compliance
l Identifies Chronically Ill Population to provide better managed care
l Billing Office
l Coding Department
Records Department
l Providers
l Billing System
l Coding System
l Appointment System
l Records Tracking System
l Excel Spreadsheets
l Data Repositories
l Accounting System
l Patient Registration System
HTSI ClickDisease Analysis for disease management programs to benchmark quality of care and discover opportunities for improving quality of care l Reduce malpractice costs
l Improve quality of care
l Save reporting and analysis time.
l Providers
l Disease Manager
l Risk Manager
l Automated Note System
l Data Repositories
l Center for Disease Control
HTSI ClickClinical Extraction and analysis of data from structured documentation tools and HIS systems. l Increased revenue through analysis of encounter notes;
l Reduce costs through identification of inefficient, unneeded, or duplicated practices;
l Improved quality of care;
l Reduce Malpractice costs;
l Evaluate efficacy of procedures and ancillary tests.
l Chief Hospital Services
l Department Heads
l Providers
l Disease Managers
l Risk Manager
l Lab, X-Ray, Pharmacy
l Automated Note System
l Data Repositories
l Billing System
l Coding System
HTSI ClickRad Analysis of X-Ray utilization, staff performance/utilization, film recovery, and standard reports l Reduced reporting time,
l Identification of inefficiencies and risk avoidance.
l Avoidance of duplicate procedures and non-effective procedures
l Chief of Radiology
l Radiology Manager
l Providers
l Appointment SystemĚ Billing System
HTSI ClickPharm Analyze the effectiveness and cost of medications with regard to clinical outcome l Reduce medication costs that usually represent 50% of medical supply costs;
l Improve clinical outcome;
l Reduce follow-on treatment costs due to ineffective medications.
l Chief of Pharmacy
l Pharmacy Manager
l Providers
l Risk Manager
l Disease Manager
l Billing System
HTSI ClickMed Comprehensive application integrating and adding data from all the other QlikView applications. Adds event-tracking capability to determine the association of events that lead to good or bad healthcare. l All the above
l Ultimate capability to look at millions of variables and how they are associated with clinical outcome and cost.
l Leads to better clinical protocols, better quality of life and avoidance of cost associated with adverse events.
l All the above l All the above
Purkinje Automated Clinical Note for outpatient services lStructured Data Capture to support clinical research, clinical reviews, and compliance audits
l300 Clinical templates for more complete documentation
lAutomated coding of medical records to reduce coding costs
lMultiple input technologies - voice, keyboard, and pen tablet - eliminates most transcription costs
lOn-line note reduces records management costs
lClinicians lInterfaces with HIS systems
lSupported by HTSI Click Clinical
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Explore our innovative products, services, and processes and how they are designed for a return on investment (ROI). HTSI strives to provide you with "focused" information to successfully run your health care business.

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HTSI supports IMRS, an innovative and talented group of programmers specializing in Java related development projects and web-based application development.


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