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data mangement services

HTSI provides corporate-level Data Management services that provide data architecture, methodologies, and tools to deliver timely, consistent, and quality data elements from a single logical source to all applications, end users, and clients. The primary tool for supporting data administration activities is our central repository tool referred to as the web library coupled with our ClickView software. In addition, our tools are complimentary but not limited to developing data information warehouse architectures.

Data Movement Example

The objective of enterprise data management include providing an enterprise-wide data image developed from optimum data sources that populate an enterprise data repository or warehouse. HTSI staff is experienced at providing support for healthcare data administration requirements, including analysis and evaluation of data standardization processes and implementation of standard data elements. Our data movement solutions are essential to healthcare and other businesses for effective and efficient use of data as part of its day to day operations.
Explore our innovative products, services, and processes and how they are designed for a return on investment (ROI). HTSI strives to provide you with "focused" information to successfully run your health care business.

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HTSI supports IMRS, an innovative and talented group of programmers specializing in Java related development projects and web-based application development.


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