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HTSI Solution Sets

HTSI solutions are components that are applied as part of planning for implementing a Total Solution for our customers. In developing solutions for our customers, planning for the whole product is an integral part of successfully implementing information technology. Essentially this is a systems approach that deals with the high probability of failure when interrelated components of a solution are not considered with regard to their joint effect on performance, data definitions, information requirements, and data quality. Also we know from our customer's previous experience with the failure of piece meal solutions; we must meet their increasing demands for a whole product solution. This issue is clearly stated in the book "Crossing the Chasm" by Geoffrey Moore.

"If you wanted to trace disillusionment with high tech's inability to deliver on its promise to its investors and its customers, lack of attention to whole product marketing is the closest thing to a wellspring. This is actually great news - it means that the converse applies as well. By solving the whole product equation for any given set of target customers, high tech has overcome its single greatest obstacle to market development." - page 114

Problem Statements - Total Solution Drivers

In looking at Total Solutions for our customers, HTSI has researched and analyzed the problem areas that challenge healthcare providers. We approach these problems understanding the new paradigm that solutions must be based on a sound business case that addresses return on investment. Here are just a few problem statements HTSI has identified:

  • Require ability to combine clinical and financial data to build and utilize data analysis tools to create useful information from disparate data sources
  • Coding and Compliance of medical records
  • Provider documentation education for completeness and compliance with third party insurers
  • Developing detailed provider and clinical analysis tools to produce reliable information to improve processes and provide a problem focused education service
  • Dealing with the information technology revolution - computers, communications networks, compact disks, imaging systems and so on - are now widely expected to make vital contribution to helping doctors and other medical professionals do their work better
  • Paraphernalia of the information revolution - computers, communications networks, compact disks, imaging systems and so on - are now widely expected to make vital contribution to helping doctors and other medical professionals do their work better.
  • Proliferation of disparate systems has created environment of "islands of information," and continuing down this path will inevitably be self-defeating.
  • Need to improve the quality of healthcare, increase third-party collections
  • Need to reduce operating costs
  • Increase operating funds by reducing data analysis costs and increasing the inflow of funds from third party payers
  • Medical record is essential to timely, effective care.
  • Medical record process is complex and multi-dimensional, fraught with quality issues such as access, legibility, content, format, location, regulatory compliance, and accuracy.
  • Help in detecting and ensuring Medicare and Medicaid compliance associated with the False Claims Act.
  • Need to provide templates and complete rules and dictionaries, including all available CPT, HCPCS and ICD-9 codes (International Classification of Diseases).
  • Data fields need to be identified that to read, flag, and export.
  • Need a simple-to-use GUI (graphical user interface) allows the operator to select which fields to capture and define to develop useful information.
  • Information Overload - Healthcare industry is an information intensive business with additive pressures of recently enacted Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA) legislation, employers' expectations, and the highly publicized Institute of Medicine (IOM) study on Adverse Drug Events.
HTSI applications and services supporting Third Party Collection are designed to increase collections through the accuracy of coding medical records, analyzing data quality and providing training for coding and continuous quality improvement. More Information

Explore our innovative products, services, and processes and how they are designed for a return on investment (ROI). HTSI strives to provide you with "focused" information to successfully run your health care business.

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HTSI supports IMRS, an innovative and talented group of programmers specializing in Java related development projects and web-based application development.


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